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Columbus Recycling

Find the closest recycling drop off location on SWACO's website.

Check out Columbus' 2012 Curbside Pickup Program here.
Upcoming Events


Dump & Run OSU
It is easy to underestimate the amount of usable items thrown away at the end of Ohio State's spring and summer quarters, when the majority of students are changing residency. Many perfectly usable couches, appliances, clothes, bedding, electronics and other miscellaneous items are tossed to be taken to the nearest dump site. Dump & Run is a great solution to this problem. Started by Lisa Heller Boragine, Dump & Run holds a huge yard sale to sell reusable items, extending the life of items and reducing the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. The proceeds go to local charities and participating student organizations. The first Dump and Run event at OSU was in 2004 and has been held every year since then.Read a wonderful article about the collection of this event by Mary Beth Lane at the Columbus Dispatch for 2013's Dump and Run here. If you have any questions about Dump and Run, please contact the coordinators. Their individual addresses are:

Head Chair: Austin Swanger
Logistics: Emily Mills
Marketing: Tricia Evans and Austin Swanger
Fundraising: Meredith Tirpak
E-Waste: Tricia Evans
Volunteer: Aubrey Beltran
Scarlet Gray & Green Fair
Started by Chrissy Cooley of Students for a Sustainable Campus in 2006, this event brings together organizations from Ohio State and the Columbus community for a day of green ideas and social awareness. You can find out about recycling electronics, organic foods, biodegradable household products, plants, solar panels, bikes, and more things that help keep our planet healthy. This event will take place on Friday October, 26thth and SFR will be there with lots of information and items to give out. Check out the website for Scarlet Gray & Green Fair 2011. Please contact Tricia Evans for further information.
Earth Day & "It's Easy Being Green"
Students For Recycling was proud to host the first environmental event in the Ohio Union. "It's Easy Being Green" taught hundreds of Buckeyes simple and economic ways to be environmentally friendly. The event takes place annually during the week of Earth Day celebrations. In 2011 Students for Recycling is volunteering in the Olentangy River Cleanup. More information found here .

Head Chair: Melissa Chiu
Co-Head Chair: Tricia Evans
Marketing: Emily Mills
Green Zones
Through the green zone program, collection boxes are placed in each residence hall as a dump site for ink cartridges, cell phones, batteries, bottle caps, and plastic bags. Collection is done sporadically, though generally biweekly, by Students for Recycling member volunteers. For more information, or if you would like to help, please contact Tricia Evans.
Finals Week Paper Campaign
Who has lots of notes and paper to dispose of at the end of every quarter? The tens of thousands of OSU students! Our finals week paper campaign reduces the amount of paper going into the trash, putting it back into recycled use. We coordinate with academic halls to place paper recycling collection bins and signage near the most frequented buildings on campus throughout finals week. Look for more information toward the end of each quarter.
OSU Recycles Day
Modeled off of America Recycles Day, every year Students for Recycling promotes environmentalism and educates Ohio State students. This event occurs in mid-November (check back for 2010 dates). There are free prizes and a display of OSU's “greening” progress.
SFR helps clean-up Indiana Ave. once a month, with recycling too! See our calendar for dates and times, or contact Hannah Cohan. For more information on Adopt-a-Street, please visit the Off-Campus Student Services website.